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Are you someone who loves to “make trucks go?”
Good! We’re thrilled you feel that way and have an opportunity you might be interested in.
We are always in search of skilled mechanics to join our team and continue to service our growing fleet of trucks. As you are very well aware, when you drive as much as we do, things happen. Trucks need to be maintained, repaired, rebuilt and in some cases, repurposed.
Some jobs are beyond the capabilities of our shop and we outsource some work locally. However, we handle the vast majority of our maintenance in house including general servicing, brakes, tires and some electrical work…and the list goes on.
To be a successful member of our gearhead team, a mechanic must follow all of our safety regulations. The primary goal at Principle Enterprises is to complete every job safely and efficiently. That starts with ensuring our equipment is ready to go and in the best working order.
We rely on our employees to be flexible in their work schedule, communicate effectively as a team, complete required paperwork accurately and strive to eliminate incidents, accidents or spills.
Do we still have your attention? Great!
Visit our “Benefits” page to understand just what you can expect as a member of our team.
If you’re ready to see what things are like under a Principle Enterprises hood, apply now and let’s schedule an interview!

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